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Growing up Yorkie is a site for Yorkshire Terrier owners and would-be owners... and for anyone who loves Yorkshire Terriers.

* is a Yorkie Terrier right for you and your family?
* where to find a good Yorkie
* why pet store Yorkies spell heartbreak
* stuff you'll need when you bring your puppy home
* feeding your new puppy
* housetraining or potty-training yorkies: how hard is it?
* what to expect in the first 6 months

... and lots more

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Famous Yorkies on TV
On the TV show Green Acres, Eva Gabor's character (Lisa Douglas) owned a Yorkshire Terrier named Mignon.

Here's Mignon with Arnold the pig.

The late singer Whitney Houston's Yorkshire Terrier named Doogie, was featured with her on the reality TV show:  Being Bobby Brown. 

On MTV's 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave, a reality show involving now extinct marriage of model / actress Carmen Electra and musician Dave Navarro, the couple had a Yorkie named Daisy.

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Famous Yorkies!

Did you know....A Yorkie lived in the White House (President Nixon's daughter Tricia had one).
Other well-known Yorkie owners include Audrey Hepburn:

Justin Timberlake owns 2 Yorkies; other owners are Joan Rivers; Britney Spears and Paris Hilton:

More Yorkie fans: Tiger Woods; Kelly Clarkson; Mariah Carey; Carmen Electra; Leonardo DiCaprio; Miley Cyrus...and Sharon Osbourne:

Missy Elliot's
Yorkie is called Poncho:

Here's Natalie Portman's Yorkie:

What about the guys?  Yes, they love Yorkies too...  here's Orlando Bloom and his:

Steven Tyler:

In the Ben Stiller movie Meet the Fockers, the Fockers' (played by actors Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand) had a family dog, Moses, played by a female Yorkie.


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