Meet the Parents

The Morkie is the offspring of a purebred Maltese dog plus a pure bred Yorkshire Terrier.

The Maltese features a beautiful, flowing coat – but in pure white… no other colours are allowed in a purebred Maltese, although they were originally bred in different colours, hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

  • Sweet Maltese Puppy
    Sweet Maltese Puppy
  • Elegant Maltese
    Elegant Maltese
  • Beautiful Show dog Maltese
    Beautiful Show dog Maltese
  • One hour old Maltese puppies
    One hour old Maltese puppies
  • Maltese twins!
    Maltese twins!
  • Maltese puppy in the leaves
    Maltese puppy in the leaves
  • Lovely adult Maltese
    Lovely adult Maltese
  • Gorgeous Maltese on orange backdrop
    Gorgeous Maltese on orange backdrop
  • Maltese pup at the computer
    Maltese pup at the computer
  • Maltese dog with full coat
    Maltese dog with full coat

That hair must be perfectly straight, and the longer the better. In a show dog, the hair hangs to the ground.

Like the Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese do not have an undercoat. Instead they have a single  layer of hair, not fur.

Black lips, dark brown eyes and a black nose complete the little Maltese – which ideally shouldn’t exceed 7 pounds.

Maltese have a slightly rounded skull, with a finger- wide dome, and a black button nose and eyes. The body is compact and fine-boned but sturdy; it’s slightly longer than it is tall with a level top line. The Maltese chest is deep.

The drop ears with long hair and dark eyes surrounded by darker skin pigmentation (called a “halo”), gives Maltese their expressive look.

The Maltese, first bred as a pampered lapdog for ladies of the court, is among the gentlest of all little dogs, but can seem fearless at times. They are loyal, vigorous and super affectionate. Maltese originated about 6000 B.C., likely in Asia and were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians.

Maltese Temperament

Maltese were bred from the beginning to be luxurious lapdogs and they thrive on that lifestyle even today. They love human companionship and are very loyal to their owners. Maltese are lively and playful, but always gentle. Even as a Maltese ages, his energy level and playful personality remain fairly constant.

Some Maltese may occasionally be snappish with smaller children and should be supervised when playing, although socializing them at a young age will reduce this habit.
Basically, Maltese is a breed that is cuddly, playful, spirited and very kind and loving. The Maltese is very active within a house, and, preferring enclosed spaces, does very well with small yards. For this reason, the breed also fares well in apartments and townhouses, and is a prized pet of urban dwellers.

Because they’re so devoted to people, Maltese can suffer from separation anxiety. Like any small dog who is spoiled, they can also fall victim to “Small Dog Syndrome,” although less so than the more forceful Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkies are active, bright little dogs with very big personalities. In fact, they need plenty of socialization and training to keep that ‘big personality’ on track.

They’re very affectionate and loyal. Though small, the Yorkshire Terrier is active, loves attention and is protective of his owners. The Yorkie is no lapdog! Originally part of the Terrier family of dogs, Yorkies were developed in the 1850s in northern England, where they were first bred as working dogs to chase rats and other vermin in factories around Yorkshire. Even today, they like to have a job to do, but like most terriers, they can be stubborn and aggressive.

  • Gondolier Yorkie!
    Gondolier Yorkie!
  • Little Yorkie puppy on red rug
    Little Yorkie puppy on red rug
  • Yorkie relaxing in bed
    Yorkie relaxing in bed
  • Yorkshire Terrier pup in a cage outside
    Yorkshire Terrier pup in a cage outside
  • Smiling Yorkie
    Smiling Yorkie
  • Yorkie wear a green parka
    Yorkie wear a green parka
  • Lovely spring day with Yorkie
    Lovely spring day with Yorkie
  • Yorkshire Terrier enjoying the beach
    Yorkshire Terrier enjoying the beach
  • Sweet little York face
    Sweet little York face
  • Yorkie mom with 3 puppies
    Yorkie mom with 3 puppies
  • Yorkshire Terrier wants her mom to wake up
    Yorkshire Terrier wants her mom to wake up
  • Little Yorkie on her pink pillow
    Little Yorkie on her pink pillow
  • Tiny Yorkie Puppy
    Tiny Yorkie Puppy
  • Yorkie laying down
    Yorkie laying down

Today Yorkies are classified in the Toy Dogs category along with the Maltese. However they retain their original terrier character.

Yorkshire Terriers have a long, single coat that’s glossy, fine, straight and silky. This coat takes a lot of care, with daily combing and brushing, although some owners prefer to keep their Yorkies in the short “puppy cut.”

Born almost pure black, it takes Yorkie puppies about 3 years to develop their final colour. Adults are black and what’s called “steel blue,” (a blue-gray) with tan on the head, high chest, and legs.

The Yorkshire Terrier is high-spirited, confident, feisty and very loyal and affectionate. However, Yorkshire Terriers can be very “assertive” and noisy. Yorkies can be very needy – they suffer from separation anxiety more than some other breeds

Yorkie Temperament

The Yorkie really is the small dog who thinks he’s a big guy! Introduce another dog or a new person to the Yorkshire Terrier and you won’t see anything timid or curious about the Yorkie… just full out barking and standing in the “alpha” dog position.

Yorkshire Terriers are lively, bold and intelligent. Given their working class background chasing rats, it’s no wonder they still need some adventure and the odd bit of trouble! They’re also brave little dogs, often willing to put themselves on the line for you.

With such a strong personality, the Yorkie is a very independent dog. He will come and go as he pleases, checking out every shadow and every corner of the home. So it’s no surprise the Yorkie isn’t willing to be locked in a room for long hours, or ignored if you’re home. Yorkies shine with an owner who can gently assert himself and is willing to lavish love and attention on this little monkey!